Keil, Linda P

Registered Nurse

With the many changes taking place in the hospitals one being the change in the nurse-patient ratio, she felt that she was not able to practice all of what she was taught, so she ventured into the Home Health Arena. The one on one time with patients allowed her to administer, educate and with her case management skills she was able to connect patients and their families with other community services that would help improve their quality of life.

She has been fortunate in her career to have the privilege of working with some of the finest cutting edge Physicians like Dr. Rita Ellithorpe M.D., Dr. Brett Jacques N.D., Dr. Julian Whittaker M.D., to name a few.

She has also studied non-invasive modalities for healing, such as Prayer work, Reiki (a form of hands on healing), Healing with Color and Essential oils, and Touch for Health (a technique for muscle balancing). She holds certifications in nutrition from The Natural Institute of Naturopathy; The International Foundation for Nutrition and Health and First Line Therapy (FLT) therapeutic lifestyle certification program.

Linda is a true asset to Tustin Longevity Center. Her nursing skills and knowledge in the areas of Intravenous Therapies and nutrition, combined with her loving and caring approach to all that she does makes her a perfect fit for TLC.