Dr.s Gr8 Bar

by Tustin Longevity Center

Please order in quantities of 12
An order of 12 = 1 box

*Please not that the packaging has an incorrect expiration date of May 2019. This can be disregarded as they are good through October 2019.

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Drs.’Gr8 Nutrition Bar is the only nutritional bar on the market today that is backed by research and validated clinical benefits. Here are 8 - Gr8 compelling healthy reasons why Drs.Gr8 Nutrition Bar is endorsed by TLC medical professionals:

  1. Helps maintain healthy blood values
  2. Supports healthy digestion
  3. Helps control hunger and appetite.
  4. Provides sustained energy
  5. Promotes healthy cell function
  6. Supports brain health
  7. Promotes healthy metabolism
  8. Improves quality of life

The Best Ingredients Make the Best Bar