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6 Signs You Need To Prioritize Self-Care

August 21, 2023

Our National Wellness Month newsletter series is focused on raising awareness and promoting self-care practices. The series will consist of four articles, which will be released once a week throughout the month of August. Each article will cover different aspects of self-care, offering helpful tips and information to encourage readers to prioritize their overall wellness.

The idea of prioritizing self-care can sometimes seem like an unnecessary luxury, especially in cases where you have a million other things on your plate. However, self-care is about more than just going to a spa or treating yourself to a shopping spree: when it comes to a balanced and holistic lifestyle, it’s a necessity! Read on to see if you’re showing any signs that you need to make self-care a priority.

  1. You feel burnt out, uninspired, and unmotivated. If you haven’t been making the time to prioritize your self-care, you might have begun noticing that your productivity levels are dropping and your motivation is flagging. This can be especially true if you’re working a hard, taxing, and draining job with high levels of stress. [1]

  2. You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. Another sign that you might need to make time for self-care is if you haven’t been feeling very confident. Taking some time for self-care activities can help you increase your sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

  3. You can’t remember the last time you did something nice for yourself. If you’re someone who generally finds themselves putting everyone else’s needs before their own, it may have been a while since the last time that you prioritized your own wants and needs.

  4. You’ve been withdrawn and isolated. Consistently isolating yourself from others, including your family and friends, may also be a sign that you need to dedicate some time and attention to your self-care.

  5. Your emotions have been all over the place. Coming under constant stress without making time for self-care can quickly make your moods and emotions turn volatile.

  6. You aren’t feeling very healthy. You might feel physically sluggish, get sick easily, or see changes in your weight. If you’re feeling especially stressed out, you might also see it manifesting in physical signs like stomach pain and headaches, despite an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

If you’re taking care of all of your basic needs (think: eating enough, checking in with your health needs, etc.) but still find yourself struggling, it’s a sure sign that you should make self-care a priority. Nobody can run on empty. By making room in your schedule for activities that further your wellness like meditation, investing in products and treatments that make your life a little easier - such as our popular Vitamin C IV, and finding productive ways to manage stress, you’ll be making yourself a priority and laying a path for a better, brighter you down the line.