About Practice

Integrative Health Care & Wellness Center located in Tustin, CA
Tustin Longevity Center is a full-service medical facility that serves residents who live in and around the Tustin, California. The facility offers a wide variety of services that includes laser fat removal, IV therapy, allergy testing, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, integrative medicine and preventative care. The staff at the facility understands the need to treat all aspects of the patient. With their integrative and preventative forms of medicine, they offer specialized treatment plans that are designed to meet each patient's individual needs.

At Tustin Longevity Center, the staff offers techniques like Mona Lisa Touch® and O3 Restore®. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated, with their treatment plans being built around their specific needs. The staff understands that each patient is unique. The concept of integrative medicine allows the team to use specific treatment options to create a care program that is uniquely their own. The facility uses state of the art concepts to diagnose and treat each condition in a way that is most effective for the patient.

We also have a new location for our IV and Lab suite that is just a short walk from the old location. Please see the map below: