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A message from Dr Kaur regarding COVID-19

March 30, 2020

“Temper fear with reason, and uncertainty with education”  


I understand this is a very troubling time, so we’re here to educate and offer our knowledge to our patients. The majority of deaths from COVID-19 are in elderly, immuno-compromised, folks with existing respiratory issues or a combination of all three. For those under 40 years old (non-immuno-compromised, without history of respiratory disease, cancer) current statistics from World health organization is a death rate of 1%.  

The most IMPORTANT thing to do is wash your hands for 20+ seconds. This is the #1 preventative measure for cold and flu.  

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever (100F+), cough and shortness of breath. If you do experience these symptoms, please call our office to possibly book a telehealth visit and get evaluated.  

I wanted to also give you some advice about what I’m doing as a healthcare professional to stay healthy during the quarantine... 

  1. Washing my hands often for at least 20 seconds  
  2. Hydrate – I use my Berkey water filter which helps remove most pathogens and chemicals from tap water. I also love it since it avoids plastic and plastics are endocrine disruptors that can make you more susceptible to illness
  3. Using an air purifier – Since we are indoor a lot more, make sure your indoor air quality is adequate. 
  4. Supporting my immune system by taking the following nutrients: 
  • Vit D3 with K2Since this is a fat-soluble vitamin you can take too much, so make sure you have your vit D levels checked to determine an ideal dose for your body  
  • TLC Energy Core:This has a great amount of B vitamins along with Zinc.
    • Zinc has innate antimicrobial activity. White blood cells, called lymphocytes, are the body’s main defense against viral infections. Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase white blood cell counts in zinc-deficient patients but also increases the immune response in healthy patients. Additionally, zinc has an intrinsic antiviral activity that extends to the corona family of viruses. In vitro (cell) studies have shown that zinc inhibits corona viral replication by blocking a key viral enzyme utilized for replication in host cells, RNA polymerase. 
    • Vitality CClinical trials have found that vitamin C shortens the frequency, duration and severity of the common cold and the incidence of pneumonia. Typical daily dosing of vitamin C ranges from 500mg to 3000mg daily with even higher doses utilized during times of acute infection. 
    • Hydrosol Silver nasal spray:This is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal  
    • Juice PlusThis contains 30 servings of fruits, vegetables and berries and has over 30+ published double blinded placebo-controlled studies showing it can improve the immune system, and help improve respiratory health  
    • SBI Protect: Contains dairy free immunoglobulin G which helps with maintaining a healthy intestinal immune system. The GI tract acts as the gateway to the rest of the body, making the health of the gut barrier critical to overall health. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your provider.  

    Thank you 

    Dr. Navjot Kaur, ND