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Eating Late, or Past 6pm

September 21, 2018

Crumbs in the bed are the least of your worries when it comes to late night eating.

Digestion places a demand on the body. Blood is diverted to the gut to do the work of immune surveillance in case any meal contains dangerous bacteria or toxins. The volume of blood diverted to the gut is also preparing to absorb nutrients, provide energy to metabolize the meal, and deliver enzymes and moisture for processing that meal. Food should provide energy for the body to do the work of movement, mental work and much more. So if you plan to go to bed in the next four hours, this process you started by eating will not help you to fall asleep easily.

It takes three to four hours to normally process a meal.

The body will secrete growth/repair hormones starting at 9pm. This is to help restore cells and repair tissues that worked all day. The digestion process involves other hormones and signals that stop repairing growth hormones from being released each evening.

When you lie down flat, food can re-flux up through the esophagus and create damage to the lining of the esophagus, which will hurt. This may even come up to the mouth at night and erode the enamel on your teeth.

There are studies that suggest eating earlier support better weight loss results.

Going to bed closer to 9pm on an empty stomach allows for the normal secretion of growth hormones. This allows the blood supply to richly supply all your tissues. This also promotes better detoxification at night. Your sleep will be enhanced and you will awaken more refreshed.

Strive to control your lifestyle so that you can eat earlier for dinner. It would be better all around to not eat a dinner occasionally if it is too late. 

Take a 16oz glass of water and add a scoop of Optimag Neuro ("Lime" is my favorite flavor) with a scoop of Vitality C powder before bed. It tastes good! Humans do not make any Vitamin C. This helps tissue repair and detoxification. Magnesium (Optimage Neuro) relaxes the muscles and is calming. Then, enjoy a good sleep and you will also promote a better bowl movement each morning.