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Cold & Flu

May 31, 2018

Family and Friends of TLC,

As per your request for TLC’s Management for Cold and Flu, here it is.

We spend so much time, effort and finances trying to stay healthy, however once holidays are around us, vacations and special events that little angel on our shoulder says “oh just one day, I’ll cheat”, “I’m on vacation”, “It’s the holidays”,  as well as enduring stressful situations in our lives where we are subject to little sleep, grabbing fast food loaded with sugar and unhealthy carbs, this is the perfect storm to DEPLETING your immune system!  

First line of defense, get adequate rest, drink plenty of water, find a stress management routine that works for you. Also, instead of unhealthy food choices choose fasting the first day of any illness, keep handy a good protein bar, protein powder that you can mix up quickly in a pinch, carry with you Juice Plus Omegas or Physician formula Omegas: take 4-6 with water this will help with satiety, bone broth in a packet you just add hot water, are just a few suggestions.

These are the supplements to keep on hand to begin taking at the onset of symptoms:

Vit D 50,000- Take one capsule per day for 6 days.

(if you are taking Vit D already stop while taking the larger dose then resume previous recommended dose after the 6th dose of the 50,000)

Vitality C- Take 1 Scoop 2-3 times per day for at least 7 days or as long as symptoms persist.

Argenten 23 Silversol- Sore throat/Caugh:  Gargle and Swallow 1 tblsp 4 times per day try not to eat or drink for a few minutes after gargling.

*Nasal Congestion/Traveling on a plane: Get the bottle that has the "nasal spray top", great to use as needed for nasal congestion, pre/during/after flight.  This is a great anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection.

Viracid- Take 1 capsule every hour for 6 hours at the onset of symptoms, then 1-2 per day till symptoms gone (at least 7 days).  I found that Viracid is also good to take at the onset of symptoms of a cold sore.

Juice Plus- Add more of the Vineyard (purple ones) these are the super antioxidants.


Lastly, ask your doctor to make sure you have an order in your chart for IV Vitamin C drip to be administered as needed, this has many B vitamins to help with stress and inflammation, Vitamin C for immune boost, electrolytes to help improve function of the nutrients. Nutritive IV’s also good for pre and post-surgical procedures and pre and post dental work also pre-flight. Ask your TLC doctor how Nutritive IV Therapies can help you.


Here’s to feeling Fabulous,

Linda Keil RN