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Introduction to our Blog/Vlog

December 1, 2017

Welcome to Tustin Longevity Center’s Blog/Vlog.

Our goal here is to share general preventive medical recommendations we share with ourselves and our patients.

Our goal at TLC is to help prevent disease as well as to restore better health to those who already are diagnosed with various illnesses.

We have learned in our medical studies that lifestyles, nutrition, and optimal wellness goals were not taught adequately. Our physicians have therefore studied and applied this to standard of care to achieve better patient outcomes. This has motivated our clinicians to research healthy lifestyles and share our experiences here on this platform.

We aim to have articles, examples of cases and newsworthy items shared by all of our current five physicians monthly.

We hope this is helpful and valuable to you.

Thank you for caring to visit our website Blog/Vlog and share with others.


Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, Founder TLC.