Men’s Health

At Tustin Longevity Center, our patients receive the best treatment plans integrative medicine has to offer. Integrative medicine is based on a positive relationship between the doctor and the patient. Together, we work to create a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the patient, including your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We offer advanced integrative medicine to residents in and around Orange County, CA, to help treat people looking to regain and also prolong their health.

As with women, men also experience some unique health issues. Prostate cancer, low testosterone, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and coronary heart disease are much more prevalent in men than they are in women.

Most of the health threats for men, however, can be easily identified by prevention efforts and early diagnosis. Not only do we regularly perform preventative screenings for our male patients, but we also offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men as well as full screening and services surrounding prostate health.

Taking a full spectrum view of men's health helps to reverse the effects of aging, optimize hormones, while maintaining your strength and your libido to help improve your overall health and performance.