Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Vaginal Atrophy Q & A

What are Signs of Vaginal Atrophy?
Vaginal atrophy is characterized by extreme dryness making the tissues less pliable. The walls will become thinner and more rigid. Intercourse can be extremely painful due to the lack of moisture and the vaginal walls' inability to relax. Spotting may also occur after intercourse. As the tissues continue to atrophy, the pain and discomfort will increase. As vaginal atrophy progresses, a burning sensation during urination may appear. The condition can also lead to an increase in urinary tract infections. Vaginal atrophy is often associated with menopause but may have other causes. Hormonal imbalances may aggravate the problem.

Other Than Menopause, What can Cause Vaginal Atrophy?
Menopause may be one of the most prominent causes of vaginal atrophy, but there are other causes as well. Hormonal imbalances that are the result of hysterectomies are also possible causes. Women who have endometriosis or fibroids may also develop vaginal atrophy. Women who have reproductive disorders may have vaginal atrophy as the conditions tend to worsen. While hormone replacement therapy may alleviate some of the symptoms, but once the tissues begin to change they will not correct themselves. Laser treatment options can be used to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and restore the pliability of the walls making them more flexible. Laser procedures will also help to increase the moisture content of the tissues.

What are the Benefits of the Mona Lisa Touch® Procedure?
The Mona Lisa Touch® procedure is a laser that uses energy waves to penetrate the walls of the vagina and stimulate the production of collagen. As the production of collagen increases, the tissues begin to regenerate themselves. The laser is inserted into the vagina and the emits energy waves in several different directions. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and helps to restore flexibility to the tissues. Using this type of non-invasive, laser procedure helps to restore the tissues allowing women to once again experience pleasure during sexual intercourse. The procedure offers few side effects and can lower the risk of frequent urinary tract infections.