Serving the residents of Tustin, California, Tustin Longevity Center offers Wellness programs to meet each patient's individual needs. The professional staff at the facility offers personalized treatment programs that involve integrative medicine therapies and techniques.


Wellness Q & A

What is Wellness?
Wellness is a state of balance on all levels of existence. The patient's body, mind, and spirit are of equal importance when considering a wellness program. A person that is healthy on a physical level, but not on an emotional level will be depressed and have little desire to improve their health. When considering any type of treatment plan, the patient's overall wellness is the ultimate goal. To achieve the perfect state of balance to achieve wellness, the doctor and patient must work together. The doctor must uncover facets of the person that may be slowing their progress and find ways to treat them so that all aspects of the person work together and create a unified healing response.

What is Holistic Healing?
Holistic healing involves bringing about a state of balance within the body using natural therapies that support and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. This kind of healing revolves around the use of natural therapies and healing methods that help the body to begin the process of healing itself. Holistic healing addresses the needs of the mind and spirit, while at the same time including things that nourish the physical body. Natural therapies that go along with how the patient heals, give the body a chance to take an active role in the healing process. The body is able to overcome many healing obstacles on its own when it is provided with the right type of support.

What are the Psychological Benefits of Wellness Treatment Plans?
Wellness treatment plans offer psychological benefits along with the physical. As the body begins to heal and return to a state of balance, the mind also begins to adjust. As the body begins to feel more invigorated, the person will have a more improved outlook on life. They will begin to enjoy the little things. Less pain and discomfort will lead to more laughter and joy. As the body and mind begin to become more aligned, the person's spiritual outlook will also improve. Wellness is not just a health concept. It is a healing concept that allows the person to begin to enjoy their life on all levels.