TLC Bone Health : 60 Capsules

by TLC Vitamin Research

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Presenting our enhanced formula, TLC Bone Health has the exact ingredients to support bone tissue, maintain homeostasis, and promote longevity. In order for any bone supplement to be effective, it must be formulated with nutrients that regulate calcium and phosphorus levels as calcium is crucial for the formation and maintenance of bone tissue. Accordingly, we made sure TLC Bone Health was added with Vitamin D and K which both in turn help absorb and regulate calcium levels in the body. TLC Bone Health is essential for any patient struggling with osteoarthritis, calcium absorption, or of course can be taken preventatively to help ensure bone strength and longevity! 


  • Encourages bone development and strength 
  • Regulates crucial minerals vital for bone health 
  • Supports a healthy skeletal and muscular system  


Vitamin D  
Vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium in the intestines, increasing the levels of calcium in the blood.  

Vitamin K
Working directly alongside Vitamin D, Vitamin K takes that excess calcium and activates a protein called osteocalcin, which promotes bone calcification making bones harder and stronger. 

Zinc, a crucial mineral, not only boosts immunity but also promotes bone strength by prohibiting bone breakdown.  

Additionally, Boron stimulates the activity of proteins that help osteoblasts (bone building cells), in bone mineralization. 

Additional Minerals 
Other minerals like Copper and Manganese have also been mixed in which contribute to mineralization, increasing bone density, and serving as cofactors in reactions involving bone formation.  

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