TLC D 10,000 with K2: 30 Capsules

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Take charge of your health with our most popular Vitamin D supplement. Medically identified as a hormone, Vitamin D holds a vast array of functions including helping to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body which play a role in bone mineralization and muscle health. Moreover, Vitamin K2 is purposely teamed up with Vitamin D3 to allow for better absorption and increased efficacy making TLC K2 w/ D3 one of the best nutritional collaborations in the game.  


  • Boosts both innate and adaptive immunity  
  • Promotes bone health  
  • Decreases inflammation  
  • Regulates calcium levels in the body 


Vitamin D 
Additionally, vitamin D stimulates our immune system, enhancing function of immune cells like T-cells and macrophages, as well as modulating both innate and adaptive immune systems. It also helps stimulate your pancreas to make insulin, keeping blood sugar levels low. Furthermore, Vitamin D is a strong anti-inflammatory because of its ability to inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines and other proinflammatory cells.  

Vitamin K
Vitamin K also has many of its own benefits like aiding in blood clotting and participating in bone health similar to vitamin D. Furthermore, Vitamin K produces a protein called osteocalcin which helps deposit excess calcium into bones. Due to this, TLC K2 w/ D3 is ideal for patients with conditions like osteoporosis, rickets, hypertension, or diabetes.   


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