TLC Energy Core: 120 Capsules

by TLC Vitamin Research

The new TLC Energy Core has been designed by our physicians to improve upon the success of MitoCore in the following areas:

  • Integrates a more therapeutic active B Vitamin blend to further assist in mitochondrial energy production, to take the energy you’re accustomed to feeling on MitoCore to the next level
  • Supports Natural Killer Cell activity for immunity with the addition of pre-biotic Arabinogalactan and Olive Leaf Extract
  • Supports cognitive wellbeing with a meaningful dose of Lithium Orotate
  • Assists with proper metabolic, brain function and bone health with the addition of Boron
  • All accomplished in the same number of capsules daily as MitoCore

As with all our TLC Vitamin Research formulas, TLC Energy Core is completely chemical filler-free, pure and freshly made on every custom small batch.