TLC Metabolic Formula: 120 Capsules

by TLC Vitamin Research

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Introducing a unique, customized blend, TLC Metabolic Formula, is one of the key players in reducing triglycerides and helping to improve carbohydrate metabolism. Constructed with Vitamin C , biotin, chromium, and other several compounds this unique formula has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, decrease cholesterol, as well as giving your immunity a boost. TLC Metabolic formula is ideal for diabetic patients, or patients that have high cholesterol and irregular blood sugar levels making it the go to supplement for carbohydrate and fat metabolism. 


  • Lowers cholesterol and improve carbohydrate metabolism
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels 


Vitamin C 
Serving as a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, Vitamin C plays a vital role in enhancing the proliferation and the function various lymphocytic white blood cells. 

Biotin, a vitamin known for its role in skin and hair health, goes beyond the superficial, having the ability to stimulate the secretion of insulin which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.  

Chromium helps in improving the activity of insulin which can greatly help patients with type II diabetes.  

Berberine Root & 
Cinnulin PF 
Berberine root extract stimulates glycolysis, a process the body uses to help breakdown sugar and convert it into energy our cells can use. This along with an additional herb Cinnulin PF (Cinnamon Bark Extract), will help regulate glucose levels in the blood and in turn lower cholesterol.  

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