TLC MultiMin: 90 Capsules

by ProvenMD

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Featuring our top mineral supplement packed with all your essential minerals to help support immunity, bone and muscle health, lipid metabolism, and many more benefits. Backed with Calcium, magnesium and potassium, TLC MULTI MIN is essential for bone health and strength as well as muscle, heart, and nerve support. Mineral deficiency is a precursor to many illnesses and diseases that can set in as we age, therefore it's crucial that mineral concentration is kept high to strengthen our bones, help our kidneys process filtrate, and maintain overall homeostasis and balance in the body. 


  • Provides a vast array of mineral support  
  • Supports healthy bone development and maintenance 
  • Supplies the body with cofactors and coenzymes for many reactions 


Playing a vital role in muscle contraction and regulation of neurotransmitters, adequate calcium levels are crucial to cellular functionality.  

 Zinc helps aide in immunity by stimulating the activity of T-cells and natural killer cells and is also needed for protein and DNA synthesis.  

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant reducing harmful free radicals as well as playing a role in thyroid health helping metabolize thyroid hormones.  

Copper carries a variety of functions in the body including oxygen transport aiding in the production of hemoglobin. Copper also helps stimulate the body’s absorption of iron as well as synthesis of collagen, a protein building block.  

Chromium and Vanadium
Additionally, Chromium and Vanadium stimulate lipid and carbohydrate metabolism improving the activity of insulin which can greatly help patients with type II diabetes. 

 Boron participates in bone health aiding in mineralization as well as magnesium metabolism in the body. 

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