TLC Vitamin D 10,000 IU: 60 Capsules

by ProvenMD

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Load up with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D designed to support immunity, support bone and muscle health, reduce inflammation, and increase mineral absorption.  


  • Supports both innate and adaptive immune systems  
  • Promotes calcium uptake 
  • Provides strength for bones and muscles 
  • Reduces inflammation and supports cardiometabolic health  


Vitamin D stimulates our immune system by enhancing the function of immune cells like T-cells and macrophages, as well as modulating both innate and adaptive immunities. It also helps stimulate your pancreas to make insulin, keeping blood sugar levels low. Additionally, Vitamin D is a strong anti-inflammatory because of its ability to inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines and other proinflammatory cells. Vitamin D plays a role in calcium and phosphate uptake by increasing absorption in the intestines. This can aide in homeostasis as well as bone mineralization making bones harder and stronger.  Vitamin D is optimal for patients with autoimmune disorders, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation, or many other illnesses making TLC VITAMIN D a must for your supplement line.  

Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) - 10,000 iu

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Capsules per Bottle: 60

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