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Books That Improve Health Literacy

October 23, 2023

Our Health Literacy Month newsletter series is focused on helping individuals find and understand information regarding their health. The series will consist of four articles, which will be released once a week throughout the month of October. Each article will cover different aspects of health literacy, offering helpful tips and information to encourage readers to protect their health and better manage health problems when they arise.

Health literacy is the ability to be able to find, understand, and use information and health services. This is not only essential in the proper management of any preexisting conditions but also in preventing them and maintaining optimal health throughout the lifespan [1].

Unfortunately, this is a challenge for many. When it comes to health literacy, the key is using plain language and providing available resources for individuals to best understand the important things. 

While many healthcare providers might assume their patients should know, or already know, how to take care of their health and all the things that surround it, the truth of the matter is that many struggle with this.

Thankfully, this has not gone unnoticed by healthcare professionals. In fact, there is a whole genre of resources available to help support and empower people to improve their health literacy.

Below are some excellent books to help with your health journey, recommended by Dr. Ellithorpe: